We actually started with an interest of planting sugarcanes and seeing if it was possible of plantings sugarcanes in a glass summer house in Denmark. In most tropical regions of sugarcane, we found out that people were beginning to juice and drink more often.

We work closely with farmers in Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania delivery the fresh all natural and Uganic. We also supply sugarcane machines and sugarcanes throughout Europe and America. We are a Fairtrade supporter of local youths, farmers and small business in Africa. We connect their products and culture and stories to the world in a positive light. Our Export consultant operates within agricultural products from Africa. We support fair trade values, quality and fair-priced goods.

Uganic Juizc is an expert in festivals, private parties, birthdays, confirmation parties and summer events. We bring the tropical delicious delights like, pineapples, sugarcanes, mangos, passion fruit, jackfruit, coconuts. We make tropical drinks, ice cream, slushice, and Jamaican / Mexican food. Contact us for you next arrangement.

Uganic Juice Catering

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Birthday party, weddings, confirmation, company festival and streetfood events all over Denmark.

Tropical flavors

Grilled Burgers and Hotdogs

Give us a call Monday thru Sunday @ +45 24254252 or info@uganicjuice.com 

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